Welcome to the Third Global Network Summit

The MELA Jordan members are excited to welcome their friends and peers from SIBF, CELA, SEALA and MELA to the Global Network Summit (GNS) from September 29th until October 4th for an enchanting six day journey full of learning, cultural exchanges and connecting leaders from across the world. The GNS is an annual event for peers from each of the four networks (MELA, CELA, SEALA, and SIBF) to have the opportunity to meet other business leaders, explore new cultures and invest in positive relationships.

Participants will get a chance to admire the wealth of Jordan’s history and culture. Starting the journey at the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, participants will then explore the uniqueness of the ancient rose-city of Petra, before experiencing an unforgettable night of camping in Wadi Rum concluded with a visit to the beautiful Gulf of Aqaba.