The MELA Masterclass is a 10 day experiential program in building a global profile. Leadership means many things to many people, and carries with it many different requirements and styles. Yet behind its many forms and faces, the challenges are always the same. These challenges are personal, technical and strategic. Nothing will prepare you quite as well, as the MELA Masterclass. 

The program focuses on five modules developed to help scale your business internationally, and then lead it. Experts from our peer network discuss the relationship between technology and expansion, as well as the various stages of development leaders and companies can go through on the path to success. 

The framework is neither fixed nor dictatorial. Sessions are customized, depending on the interests or background of a particular class. Training can range from family business concerns, to strategies in the startup sector, to the leadership implications of life in a large corporation or team. Participants engage with colleagues and facilitators through small and varied ‘learning sessions’, team challenges, and impromptu exchanges. Often it’s the unscripted exchanges that can lead to new ideas, and relationships lasting many years.