• Azerbaijan

This year's MELA Summit celebrates two historically-vibrant countries, Azerbaijan and Armenia, and takes us into the heart of our CELA sister network. The journey begins in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, with an exploration of the history, architecture, cultural activities and dazzling landscapes. The tour will span a range of historical sites, including the fire mountain and the celebrated Heydar Aliyev Center and Ateshgah Temple. Among the touring and sightseeing will be business sessions across various topics relevant to you and how best to maximize the MELA network to advance your business skill and success; and also lots of time to get to know and network with our CELA colleagues and friends.

From there, our Summit takes us to beautiful Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. Before reaching Yerevan we will have a stopover at Apaga Resort - an active leisure site in the mountains, with a breathtaking landscape, which will offer an unforgettable ziplining and other open-air attractions during the day and a cozy gathering in the evening. Then we will head further to the historical 10-13th century Haghartsin Monastery in the forests of Dilijan, as well as the town of Dilijan, which is famous for its crafts and beautiful nature. Lake Sevan - one of the largest alpine freshwater lakes in Eurasia - will be our next destination.

Finally, Yerevan will welcome us with its cozy and nice setting, tours around the city, including Cascade Modern Art Museum and other cultural sites of the city, to say nothing of its numerous cafés, restaurants, wine bars and meeting with our CELA Armenia friends.

Main Program: September 13-17, 2018 Azerbaijan
Post-Program: September 17-20 , 2018Armenia