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Khadija Al-Salami, Award-winning Director & Producer

Khadija is the first Yemeni female film producer and director.  Her films have been nominated and won awards at film festivals such as the Dubai International Film Festival and the Vesoul Asian Film Festival, as well as being submitted for consideration for the Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards.  She also served as the press and cultural attaché and director of the Yemeni Information Centre at the Embassy of Yemen in Paris, where she currently resides.  Most of her films focus on women’s rights in her home country and draw from her personal and tragic experiences growing up in a culture where women have been given little to no voice.  Her projects have been seen as controversial by many in Yemen due to the subject matter but Khadija masterfully blends awareness of these issues with a deep love for her country and its’ people.  Her most recent film, Yemen: Kids and War (2018), entrusts her camera to three Yemenese children who become war correspondents and provide a glimpse into the daily lives of the Yemeni people as the war rages on around them.