Why all the buzz around human engagement? The numbers tell the story: repeat customers who feel a connection to the product spend nearly 70% more than other customers; more than 40% of employees responded, in a recent Gallup poll, that they do the bare minimum to get by without being fired; technology has catapulted us into an era of continuous connectivity with adults spending 12+ hours a day on a digital device.

From brand loyalty to team productivity and decision making, tapping into human engagement is no longer an option for companies large and small – it is mission critical to compete in an intricate, interconnected global marketplace. As a leader, you need to understand how to leverage human engagement to grow your business, motivate your teams and increase collaboration.

SIBF will present the latest thinking on human engagement at an exciting, three-day program in Dallas, August 27-30, 2018. During the Leadership Conference, you will gain insights and new skills in experiential learning sessions.

Overlapping with the Leadership Academy’s Session 2, this program presents a unique opportunity to connect with SIBF’s 29 newest members. From 10 states (and Azerbaijan!), this impressive group includes CEOs, presidents, executive directors and managing partners. Group activities include:

Team Chili Cook-Off
Get paired up with 2018 Academy Fellows.

Human Bingo
A delightful game to introduce you to every attendee.

Academy Graduation
Hear SIBF members stories and successes in the network and support the induction of the 2018 Fellows into SIBF.