• Palo Alto, California (map)

Based on a successful and highly rated Forum held in March 2019, SIBF is excited to announce the 2020 Silicon Valley Business Forum.  This year’s program will feature discussions on electric vehicles, the future of energy and angel investing – plus a visit to Stanford University and networking reception with local tech influencers. We expect a big response like this year, so consider registering early.  You will not want to miss this informative briefing in the global center for high tech and innovation!

The Driver in the Driverless Car

The autonomous car is both an exciting industry as well as a metaphor for the future of business. Distinguished panelists who are involved with the autonomous car project will discuss: how it is being made possible; how the auto industry and other major industries will change; and what will be the broader societal implications. They will also comment on how this is a metaphor of how things will change industry across industry and the effect on humans and their vision of life and work. 

Energizing America

As renewable energy becomes market competitive, what is the future for American energy? As electric vehicles become more prevalent, where does this leave oil? What roles do the new technologies of battery storage play and how far has the cutting edge of storage come? How will transmission network and the grid react and what technology upgrades would this infrastructure require?  Are micro grids a reality? What new business models are coming in to play? How are shale, oil and gas being impacted by the technology revolution?  Which are the companies to watch for?  This energizing panel will answer these exciting questions. 

Do Angels fly higher in Silicon Valley?

Angel investing is flourishing as a concept everywhere.Is there something special about being an angel investor in Silicon Valley? Do angels here have more wing power? Do they invest in different set of companies? Do they get more involved in making their portfolio companies succeed? Do they get better deals? Are they willing to make bold bets, where other angels fear to tread as in the case of Biotech and Healthcare? This panel will explore how being an angel in Silicon Valley is different and how SIBFers can participate in angel investing in the valley.