• Palo Alto, California (map)

Age of the Machines: Demystifying Machine Learning

Machine learning and AI is the latest buzzword that has captured Silicon Valley’s imagination. What is the impact this technology will have on the economy, jobs, life-style and our humanity? Leading investors, entrepreneurs and experts who are at the cutting edge of this field will engage in a compelling discussion. Topics would include applications of AI such as autonomous cars, the next conceptual leaps in this field such as unlabeled learning and the ethical implications of AI.

3D: Diagnostics, Data and Digital: Healthcare’s New Future

As America and the world struggles with healthcare costs and an ageing demographics, technologies that are revolutionizing health care are coming of age. From Point of care diagnostics that brings the lab to your friendly retail store or even to your cellphone to discoveries in genomic therapies that are seeking a breakthrough to deadly diseases by cracking the code of life, technology is an ally - bringing down costs while delivering superior value. An expert panel shares some of the exciting trends in healthcare.

Making Disruptive Innovation work for Corporate America

The valley has long been an island. Innovation happened in garage start-ups with maverick founders in the virtual world. Corporate America recognized innovators by buying them out. Efforts to repeat the valley magic in the corporate offices have invariably failed. New technologies have increasingly linked the real world to the virtual world. Corporates have reached out to work with innovative start-ups to engage with disruptive technologies at their inception. Corporate venturing is a new trend in the valley. The pioneers of corporate venturing talk about examples how corporate America is leveraging the valley.