We live in a culture that privileges the rational mind while tending to dismiss the somatic, emotional, and unconscious aspects of ourselves as irrelevant or counterproductive to intelligence. From a Western model, we feel we should have the mental fortitude to think our way out of stressful situations. Advances in biology and neuroscience have started to provide solid scientific evidence for why this is simply not possible. Each of us has a unique personal pattern or fingerprint for how we handle stress. During this program, you will explore your patterns under mild stress and how centering provides an alternate perspective. You will learn to acknowledge and become friendly with your reactive patterns. You will also be able to quickly shift from a reactive state to a more skillful and resourceful way of being. When we are centered and mindful, we automatically act with wisdom, compassion, and power.

This event complimentary for all SIBF members and guests, limited to 20 attendees.

This session was originally scheduled as part of the first session of the 2017 SIBF Academy. Due to an injury, Maryellen Myers was not able to attend the session. She agreed to reschedule and offer the session to all SIBF members, guests, and prospective members.