• Washington, District of Columbia (map)

SIBF will again host the highly rated Washington Briefing. Join us as we discuss the latest developments in Washington on domestic and international policy issues and hear perspectives from all sides of the political spectrum. The Washington Briefing has a tradition and established track record for introducing SIBF members to unique venues and exclusive programs and speakers that go far beyond the typical business group Washington fly-in.

I thought I was up to date on all things politics. And then I went to the Washington Briefing where I learned how wrong I was. I was floored by the access we were allowed and the quality of information was over the top! I thought I knew what was going on in DC, but boy, was I wrong. The Washington Briefing provided such behind-the-scenes access to the players involved in the news stories unfolding every day that I was blown away. Sitting and listening to working Senators take the time to address our group in such an intimate way was amazing. And standing under the rotunda of the Russell Senate building is a memory I won’t soon forget.
— Clay Shivers (CA, '16), Chief Executive Officer, S Box

In addition, springtime is one of the most beautiful times of year in our nation’s capital. Our opening reception will take place Sunday night, May 5. Consider arriving early to take advantage of DC’s many cultural options and historic sites. For those arriving Saturday, May 4, we will gather for early evening cocktails in the hotel. You may wish to arrange small group dinners or cultural activities Saturday night. A list of performances, exhibits and the top restaurants will be provided to attendees prior to arrival. Monday and Tuesday mornings will include presentations and discussions with key experts on topics of current debate and national importance, including developments regarding immigration, homeland security, international conflicts and terrorism, and trade and tax policy. Participants will gain insights into the agenda of the newly elected Congress.