Document Library

Paths to Membership
Side-by-side comparison of the criteria, costs and deadlines of the direct and academy pathways

Upcoming Programs
Overview of upcoming local, regional, national and international programming

SIBF Fact Sheet
Engaging infographic of the people, places and benefits that make our organization so special

Membership at a Glance
Information on criteria, financial commitment, deadlines and contacts for SIBF membership

SIBF Academy Benefits
Outlines the benefits of participation in SIBF Leadership Academy program


VIDEO Library

OVERVIEW - Informative videos on program offerings, relationships and global connections

DIRECT PATH - Members share various aspects of the SIBF experience

SPOUSE/PARTNER ENGAGEMENT - Videos showcasing the inclusive experience of SIBF

Join as a Team (2 min) — SHARE

Equal Access (1 min) — SHARE

ACADEMY PATH - Academy graduates reflect on the program’s impact

CEO TESTIMONIALS - What top business leaders are saying about the Academy

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