Today was another jam-packed day in Cambridge! We started off with a lecture on engaging in philanthropy to generate value in the community. After a short coffee break, we looked at a few neuroscience studies that shed light on whether or not we are as conscious of our decision making as we believe to be. Following a pleasant lunch, we spoke about big data and sequencing the human genome. Our final lecture of the day brought home the importance of storytelling and fiction, even for the lives of future professionals.
In the afternoon, our group went punting—we boarded wooden skiffs that we even got a chance to pole along the small river that runs through Cambridge. Then the whole group enjoyed a delicious meal at St. John’s Chophouse. We settled on the lawns of St. John’s college to digest our food as we watched Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The play wrapped up another varied and interesting day with SIBF.

-Shaun Majumdar, son of Rajjina Singh and Sareet Majumdar (FL, '12)