On Wednesday we started the day off with budgets, taxes and inflation. This was one of my favorite talks because it relates to anyone if they want to be involved in finances as a career or not, because they're life skills that aren't taught at school. We then listened about human trafficking which exposed me to the unfortunate tragedies that I don't have to experience every day because my parent's decided to come to America. We ended the lectures with one about neurons and this was by far my favorite "off topic" lecture. Dr. Coles told us that our brain makes decisions and then alerts our conscious. Which really made us think about if we're really making our decisions! He also explained that our conscious is active in the learning part of doing something, but after that your brain goes into autopilot. This blew my mind because it relates to neural networks in machine learning, and the day to day things I do all the time like driving. I ended the day with my friends I made on this trip and we explored the town of Cambridge!

- Ozair Patel, son of Maqbool and Tanveer Patel (AL, '11)