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Our day started with a historical tour of Madingley Hall and their gardens, which was led by the head gardener. We learned a lot about their various trees, plants and flowers. One other thing we learned that was particularly interesting was that Cambridge University bought the whole plot of land including the gardens, hall, farmland and a few houses for only 50,000 pounds in 1948 due to recession. We then attended 3 lectures: Dr. Jerry Toner taught us the history of Rome and how we can learn to manage risk from early Romans. Nick Hoffman taught us how to manage credit cards and debt responsibly. Lastly, we attended a lecture by Cambridge University Professor Patricia Fara about the ideas behind her book titled "The 4000 Year History of Science". We ended the day on a high note with an intense but really fun croquet tournament on Madingley Hall's game pitch.

- Joe Hovanec, son of Teri and Jeff Hovanec (MN, '10)

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