The Browns have agreed to pledge more money than originally expected to cover the cost of the installation of two new synthetic turf football fields to Cleveland city schools, according to

Last year, the Browns announced that they would install turf fields at five high schools for an estimated cost of between $2 and $2.5 million. According to, that work has already been done at three city fields -at Roye Kidd Stadium for John F. Kennedy High School, Bump Taylor Field near Glenville High School and the field at James F. Rhodes High School.

But two schools – John Adams and John Marshall – need more work than expected. That’s where the Browns and owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam stepped in, agreeing to cover those costs according to school district CEO Eric Gordon. The Browns told the combined amount for the two schools will be about $500,000.

With the new work and the addition of scoreboards, the total is expected to be around $3.5 million. The five schools had to play the bulk of their games in other parts of the city or on the road last season.

“The entire Browns organization and Dee and Jimmy Haslam are committed to making an impact in Cleveland,” Jenner Tekancic, a spokesperson for the team, told “By providing five high-quality synthetic turf fields, this project will help provide quality opportunities for youth football and other community activities, as well as an additional learning space outside of the classroom and help encourage school attendance and participation.”

Tekancic added: “It was important to our team that we ensured these educational resources were available to CMSD and its students this fall.”

USA Today