From inflation to Darwinism to Hamlet, the unknown has become known as a group of strangers has become a group of friends. The week has flown by as we wrapped up on Friday with lectures ranging from the Weimar Republic's inflation to "Everything You Never Wanted to Know About the World of Finance" ending with the role and power of serendipity. As I look back on the week, there is no doubt we leave with a better knowledge and understanding of the world of finance and how to plan and prepare ourselves to navigate it.

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More importantly, though, I think at least we leave it as better, more well-rounded and capable young men and women. We've met new people, been forced out of our comfort zone, and seen and learned a great deal both about the world and ourselves. It has been an immense privilege and joy to have been a part of this year's SIBF Money and Responsibility course and for that we thank you all.

Hampton McFadden III, son of Harriet and Hampton McFadden, Jr. (AL, '16)

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