Date: August 22, 2017  

Time: 12:00pm

Topic: Mind Mapping to Create Possibilities

When you what you are doing is connected to your passions and core values, you are living a life of discovery that energizes you every day. However, you may have become disconnected with your passion or never connected with it. You may have once been energized but you aren’t any longer. For any number of reasons, you just don’t seem to be getting anywhere with where you want to go. We are comfortable with the familiar, but that very comfort may be holding us back. You feel stuck – maybe even trapped – and can’t think of what to do next. When we are connected to our passions and are living on purpose, we are energized and engaged. Discover or reconnect with your passions and explore how you can use them to articulate your purpose for yourself. Brainstorm about the possibilities and use your ideas to create potential visions for your future to explore further.