The first day of The SIBF Money and Responsibility conference was an awesome start to the week. We started the day off with a tour of the University and then went to lunch at The River Bar. Our afternoon consisted of an open top double decker bus tour of Cambridge. After settling into our rooms we went to the Neville’s home for an awesome dinner! It was a great start to the week here at Cambridge.

-Claire Blumenthal, daughter of Karen and Marc Blumenthal (FL, '12)


On Monday Jerry gave us a finance talk, this is not an area in which I had been formally educated and so this was new to me. The talks are conducted so that beginners and those with experience in the area can learn something new. In the afternoon we saw Trinity College, including the Wren Library. This houses the first editions of Darwin’s  ‘On the Origin of Species’ and Marx’s ‘Dad Kapital’. It also contained the notes of the greatest mind in history, Ludwig Wittgenstein.

- Huw Neville, son of Tracy-Ann and James Neville (UK, '06)