In the new year, SIBF will continue to focus on growing the organization, improving your experience, and connecting our 1500 global members.  Many of the recommendations of 18 strategy committees, formed as part of the three-year strategic review process, have already been implemented and many more will be rolled out in 2019 and 2020.  In Q4 last year, the “SIBF Host” process was designed and implemented so that each new member will be guided by an existing member on how to make the most of their SIBF membership.  This year you will see upgrades to our technology to make it easier to stay connected, informed and participate in SIBF.   The very popular SIBF Connect app that was used at the 2019 Summit is only one example of how mobile technology will enhance our collective SIBF experience!

 As SIBF chair, I will work with the SIBF Board of Directors, including chair-elect Vickie Neighbour (SC, ’96) and immediate past chair Palmer Garson (VA, ’10), to guide the process aligned along four strategic imperatives: growth, lifelong engagement, impact, and network of networks.   We are formally known as the Troika but have been relabeled by Vickie as MVP (Mark, Vickie, Palmer) – for ease of reference!  The three of us bring complimentary experiences to SIBF:

  • I bring experience in leading high-growth companies from start-up to billion dollar companies and advising over 40 Fortune 500 companies, including Cigna, Nestle, Tyson Foods and The Coca-Cola Company, in how to create meaningful growth in times of disruption (LinkedIn: Mark Kaiser)

  • Palmer’s deep experience and talent in investment banking and private equity and wealth management at Morgan Stanley & Co., A.G. Edwards and Mellon Bank and currently at Silvercrest Asset Management (LinkedIn: Palmer Garson), was reflected in an outstanding year in 2018 from both a financial and strategic perspective; and

  • Vickie’s experience is in skillfully guiding family business governance, generational transition of leadership over three generations and the ambitious international expansion of Cox Industries, a company founded by Vickie’s father, William B. Cox in 1954.  At SIBF, Vickie has been a facilitator at over 19 leadership academy sessions at all four of SIBF’s Academies – CELA, MELA, SEALA and the SIBF Academy.  (LinkedIn: Vickie Neighbour)   Vickie will be a positive force in bringing together the global SIBF family.

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, it is fitting to note that SIBF has a few MVPs of their own.  The many members volunteering their time to take part in SIBF’s strategy review are among them, including Cheryl Ginyard-Jones (VA, ’13), who is leading the process of extending our strategic initiatives into 2020 and 2021 in mid-February where we will outline next steps and deliverables related to the four imperatives above.  Yet another MVP is Executive Director Nancy Haselden, who embarks upon her 20th year with SIBF and has been instrumental in moving the organization forward.  Of note, the 45 members who comprised the strategic review group represented the most diverse and talented group of members ever assembled for SIBF strategy work – CEOs, founders, partners and entrepreneurs from 11 states, ranging in age from 29 to 76, with women representing nearly half the team. If you would like to be part of SIBF’s “next steps”, please contact me ( or Nancy.    

I encourage you to review SIBF’s programming calendar and see what unique learning opportunities await you and your family – from the highly rated Washington Briefing (early birds, make a note to register by February 1!) to the Global Network Summit in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan or one of the many local breakfasts and events across the country.  Vickie, Palmer and I look forward to connecting with you soon at an upcoming SIBF event!


Warm regards,
Mark Kaiser

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